Welcome to the art blog of Lora Banks! 

Making art is one of my greatest passions! Ever sine I was a little girl, I have dabbled in drawing, painting, pastels, watercolor, claymation, sculpture, and stained glass. It was during my time spent a the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts however, that I really began to grow and mature as an artist.

After graduating in 2011, my art took a less dominant role in my life as I tried to find my way in the world. In 2015, I enrolled in graduate school to pursue a relatively stable career in the medical field. My first two years of school were very intense and my studies did not leave much time for creative pursuits. Despite time away from art, my passion has never dwindled. With one year left in school, I am determined to find a balance between art and life. Thus, I created this blog in 2017 not only showcase my art, but to document my journey! Welcome to my blog and check back often to see whats new!

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