Mint Chocolate Chip Sundae with Apple Green Swallowtail

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 8"x 8" Oil on Panel $250.00

Just like peanut butter and jelly or banana and cream, mint and chocolate is a flavor combination that is meant to be together! Many people would agree that mint chocolate chip ice cream is among their favorite summer treats (me included). And although Fall is rapidly approaching, I decided to make this delicious dessert the main feature in one of my still life paintings.

The emerald patterned background is bold, bright and caught my attention immediately. The addition of the apple green swallowtail butterfly helps to relate the background to the foreground. I must admit, it took a little imagination to add an object that was not really present in my still life. To do this, I relied on a few reference photos of a yellow swallowtail butterfly that I took in my garden and some research I did about green colored butterflies. I also decided to go with a pale version of mint chocolate chip ice cream instead of the traditional green. I really wanted the ice cream to pop out from the background and felt that a white ice cream would accomplished this goal better. 


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