Gothic Cherry Cheesecake!

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                                                        8" x 8" Oil on Panel $250.00
                                                                 Available at Etsy 

In honor of the Halloween season, I decided to make a Gothic inspired painting featuring cherry cheesecake! The center of the painting is dominated by an ornate stand, adorned with black crystals. The main color of the painting is black, which is enhanced with touches of vibrant red. 

There were many behind the scenes edits made to bring this image to life. Firstly, the original pattern colors were inverted to tone down the black.

                                         Original Pattern                      Inverted Pattern

Secondly, if you watch my YouTube video (linked below) you can see the painting evolve from beginning to end. You will also notice some drastic changes to the composition midway through my painting. Not only did I subtract some of the original elements, the stand was shortened to fit the square format. I believe the role of the artist is not to replicate what they see in nature, but rather to use life as a guide.  

                                                               Original Composition

Fun fact, even though black is one of the main colors in this painting, no pure black out of a tube was used. Years ago I removed ivory black from my color palette and instead, I create by own black by mixing French ultramarine and burnt Sienna. I find that it creates a richer more dynamic black than pure black out of a tube.


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