Vanilla Cupcake in Red

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8" x 8" oil on panel

Autumn is one of my favorite seasons and it is just around the corner! I have noticed that bakeries have been getting into the spirit of the season too through the use of special spices and vibrant colors. It is no wonder, that when I spotted this vanilla cupcake, with vibrant reds and golden cake, I knew I had to paint it! 

 When it came to choosing a background pattern, I was reminded of a painting that I had made last year around this time entitled, Gothic Cherry Cheesecake. I had so much fun using a black patterned background, that I was excited to do it again.

Gothic Cherry Cheesecake

As always, I like to do a little tweaking. You may notice in my reference photo (see below) the pattern is a lot smaller than the one seen in my painting. I felt that the small version distracted the eye too much, so I enlarged it. 
Reference photo  


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