A Slice of Carrot Cake

8" x 8" oil on panel

It is always exciting to get a painting commission! When I was asked recently to paint a picture of a slice of carrot cake, of course I said yes! 

Quick Process Overview

Step 1: I started by asking my patron a lot of questions to get a feel for what she was envisioning. For example, what is the dessert subject matter, main colors, mood of the painting, background pattern etc. For this piece, my patron chose a dreamy slice of carrot cake and was inspired by three different Autumn patterns.

Step 2: After getting a sense of what my patron was looking for, I mocked up a three still life arrangements and placed each option in front of the three possible patterns.  

                        Option A:

                        Option B: 

                        Option C: 

My patron ended up choosing Option B. However, it was decided that the cake would be oriented in the opposite direction. Below is a comparison of the still life set up and the final painting. As with every painting I make, I took artistic license and changed some elements around. What differences can you see?



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