Mexican Margarita

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8" x 8" oil on panel
Available at Etsy 

 In addition to desserts, I have decided to branch out into fancy cocktails. My first attempt is my newest painting, entitled Mexican Margarita. Even though my beverage of choice is a Shirley Temple, I can really appreciate the beauty of these alcoholic drinks. 

When I first saw this playful cactus pattern in the store, I fell in love. When I see a pattern that interests me, I buy it even if I am unsure at the time how I want to use it. When I decided to start painting cocktails, this pattern came to mind. 

Originally, I  wanted to include a mini cactus in the design. I never got that element right, so I left it out of my final still life set up. I am hoping to make another version of this painting at some point. In the second version, I plan to use the chili pepper string lights as the main light source and finally incorporate that mini cactus.  


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