Lemon Gelatin Dessert

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                                                                    8" x 8"oil on panel
                                                                      Available at Etsy

I have been wanting to make a yellow dominant painting for awhile. What better subject, then a wiggly mold of lemon gelatin.The gelatin mold design fit the background pattern perfectly. I added the butterflies from reference photos to add a little action to the painting. 

I love the way yellow and blue harmonize with each other, so the complementing color I chose was a light robins egg blue. The hint of blue in the butterfly wings help to tie together with the blue of the napkin. The striking red of the cherry offers a pop of strong color, as the cherry stem guides the viewers eye. 


I have been drawn to gelatin before as a subject, as I love the glass like qualities and the strong, vibrant colors that can be achieved. If you like my Lemon Gelatin Dessert painting, you might also like my Strawberry Gelatin Dessert and Lime Gelatin Dessert paintings seen below. 


   Strawberry Gelatin Dessert                 Lime Gelatin Dessert                         Lemon Yellow Dessert




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