Autumn Candy Apples

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 8" x 10" oil on panel
Right around the time when the weather becomes chilly and Halloween is on the way, I start to crave one of my favorite Autumn treats. What could be better than a freshly picked apple smothered in a shell of sugar?
I do not remember ever having a real red candy apple before. Instead, I have eaten far beyond my fair share of caramel apples. One of my family's fun traditions is to enjoy a caramel apple bar each Autumn. 
For our caramel apple bar, first we boil up some caramel sauce on the stove. Then we cover our apples in the sauce. The final layer is a thick helping of multiple yummy toppings like, M&Ms candies, mini marshmallows, chopped up cookies etc.    
I was in a seasonal mood when I designed this painting. I chose three different candy/caramel apple types for a little variety.  I liked how the strips of the background carried some of the Autumn colors through the piece. 




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