About the Artist

ARTIST BIOGRAPHY In 2005, Lora graduated from Bloomsburg University with a Bachelor of studio arts and a concentration in ceramics. She continued her art education in 2007, when she enrolled at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts (PAFA). 

When Lora started at the academy, she believed that she was a sculptor. During her first two years of intensive, classical training she discovered many new avenues of expression to explore. Pastel drawing and oil painting soon became her new artistic focus.  Sculpture continues to be a dominant theme and inspiration in many of her works. However, she no longer considers herself solely as a sculptor, but as a draftswoman and painter as well.

ARTIST STATEMENT My working process is slow and meticulous. Even before the paint touches the canvas, a considerable amount of time has been dedicated to the planning and arrangement of each element within the piece. Starting with a detailed line drawing as my solid foundation, I gradually build up the pigment layer by layer. This meditative practice allows me to quiet my thoughts and observe the world on a deeper level. The most magical moment occurs when the objects seem to materialize out of the canvas and become almost real enough to touch. 

My most recent body of works was inspired by my love of all things sweet, coupled with a fascination of patterns, color and light, I find myself continuously drawn to the unending array of shapes and textures found within the cast variety of desserts. In the culinary world, it is said that the first bite is taken with the eyes. This statement is just as true for my artwork, as each painting should look almost good enough to taste.

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